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Scrum is a light-weight framework for developing successful complex products, systems and services. We have used Scrum in many projects and organisations. Get ready for the start with Scrum, and read the most important facts here.

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Startup Weekend Bremerhaven

Created on 21.10.2015 by Andreas Schliep

We did it! The great crew of our Startup Weekend, the participants, the sponsors, and a whole bunch of volunteers have spent a creative, inspiring weekend turning ideas into ventures. I had the pleasure and the privilege to look upon this event from different perspectives.


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LeSS class with Bas Vodde

Created on 30.09.2015 by Andreas Schliep

I had the opportunity to join a Certified LeSS Practitioner class by Bas Vodde in mid September. I wanted to be able to understand and evaluate LeSS better, and wanted to take a next step to adopt and spread LeSS concepts. Hold it, what is LeSS? The class is very clear about that. LeSS is Scrum. To be exact, the consequent application of Scrum principles and rules to a scaled environment. This is a quite similar approach to our ScALeD principles. This applies to further foundations of LeSS and Scrum like Lean, System Thinking and, yes, people. Just like Scrum, LeSS is easy to explain and hard to adopt. It offers no blueprints, or a model that needs to be tailored to the own context. It merely provides the starting point for an effective scaled application of Scrum.

The definition area of LeSS might appear familiar to our class attendees. The core consists of foundations, thinking models and principles. Around them, the LeSS framework - rather frameworks, because there is a LeSS Huge version for very large adoptions - provides the necessary constellations and boundaries. The outer ring contains numerous - around 600 - experiments, and guidance when and how to try them. LeSS with a range of teams working on the same product might just look like this.


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