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Scrum is a light-weight framework for developing successful complex products, systems and services. We have used Scrum in many projects and organisations. Get ready for the start with Scrum, and read the most important facts here.

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Integrating Business Functions into Scrum

Created on 12.05.2015 by Andreas Schliep

business-idea-660083_640"I manage a team of business project managers who are responsible for all non-IT aspects of a project. If we move to Scrum, how does marketing / communication / training / legal / compliance / transition and hand-off/etc., etc. to operations align with the Scrum process? Meaning, the software is only a portion of what needs to be accomplished to "launch" something. I am in a very complex business in which the contribution of up to 20 functional is required to "launch" something. All I see is the actual Scrum process but not how it integrates with the other functions to get something to market. Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated."

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Global SCRUM GATHERING® Phoenix 2015 – Freedom!!!

Created on 04.05.2015 by Yuliya Mijuk


There are only several more hours left till it starts. This year's US Global Scrum Gathering will take place in Phoenix, Arizona. With more than 700 participants from around the world, the conference is sold out again. Keynote speakers will be Mike Cohn with the opening speech "Let go of Knowing: How Holding Onto Views May Be Holding You Back" and Jim McCarthy.

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