What is Scrum?


Scrum is a light-weight framework for developing successful complex products, systems and services. We have used Scrum in many projects and organisations. Get ready for the start with Scrum, and read the most important facts here.

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Backlog Ranking Video

Created on 25.04.2016 by Yuliya Mijuk

The Participants of our last Work Study Program for Certified Scrum Professional Candidates in Bern had a community project in which they developed a ceremony for Backlog ranking by customer benefit.

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"Become a Retrospective Rock Star"

Created on 19.04.2016 by Yuliya Mijuk

To carry out a good retrospective is not easy. It’s great if there is someone who can do it well and is willing to give you a few useful tips. The team of Retrium (a tool for virtual Retrospectives) has managed to gather such tips from 21 agile experts and create an e-book which can be downloaded for free.

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