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Scrum is a light-weight framework for developing successful complex products, systems and services. We have used Scrum in many projects and organisations. Get ready for the start with Scrum, and read the most important facts here.

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Agile Marketing

And: How to Sell "Agility"

Created on 14.04.2018 by Andreas Schliep

I am no sales person. When I was 12, my granny gave me a heap of clothes to sell at a local yard sale. My booth became one of the best frequented spots on the market. No wonder - I gave away most of the stuff virtually for free. My granny was a little shocked about my low revenue. Maybe I could have sold the camel hair coat for more than a Deutschmark?

Even as a freelance coach and trainer, I never valued the maximization of my income so much. I do not have exaggerated requirements for my standard of living. As long as I do not have to worry about money, I am just fine. No need for a large house, expensive watch or tailored suit. Thus I have never cared a lot how to sell, market or present myself or my products.

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Mike Beedle

Message from Lisa Hershman, Interim CEO, Scrum Alliance

Created on 27.03.2018

The entire Agile world is saddened to learn of the passing of Mike Beedle, one of the original signatories of the Agile Manifesto, author of multiple books, founder of the Enterprise Scrum scaling framework, and passionate teacher and mentor for so many in our community.

Mike was killed Friday night in Chicago. He leaves behind his family, including six children. Contributions to support them during this incredibly difficult time can be made here: https://www.gofundme.com/mikebeedlesupport. Scrum Alliance will be making a contribution as well.

Mike and his companies have introduced Scrum, Enterprise Scrum and Business Agility, to tens of thousands of people and thousands of companies, providing training, consulting, mentoring, and coaching. He is the creator of the Enterprise Scrum framework and was the first CEO to manage an entire company in an Agile way using Enterprise Scrum. He was a keynote speaker at countless Agile and Scrum conferences world-wide.

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