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After our explorations of LeSS, and the study of an SAFe, DAD and Nexus, we have kept on looking for the ultimate Scaling solution for Lean and Agile organizations. Thus, we have come to develop our own approach SLASHe, the Scrum, Lean, Agile Scaling Hybrid. SLASHe addresses all the issues coming up with DAD, SAFe and LeSS, and other approaches to Scaling.

  • LeSS addresses only product development. SLASHe addresses everything, that does not even have to do with products or development. You can apply SLASHe to hardware testing, government work, philosophy, health care and even Kindergarten.
  • SAFe introduces multi-team, multi-project and multi-program organization. SLASHe does not stop there. SLASHe provides several levels above the portfolio!
    • SLASHe Corporate for multi-portfolio management
    • SLASHe Executive for multi-corporate concerns
    • SLASHe Government for running entire countries
    • SLASHe World for world domination
  • One of the big issues of Scrum is the reduction of roles, and weird limitations of responsibilities. In SLASHe, we introduce hundreds of additional useful and important roles:
    • Release Train Conductor
    • Kanban Board Cleaner
    • Post-It Copywriter
    • Senior Vice President of Agile
    • NSA Agent
    • Superhero Response Force
  • Even in SAFe, Scaling is limited to the number of people in your organization. SLASHe no longer limits your organizational capacity:
    • Anyone can be in any number of teams. There even is no limit on how many teams a single person can form. Start with SLASHe World, even if you are only a self-employed lone wolf! No other Scaling approach can offer that.
    • You do not have to build cross-functional teams. They don’t even have to be functional. SLASHe encourages you to build arbitrary groups of people and call them team. The core unit of SLASHe is the dysfunctional team.

Are you interested in SLASHe now? We believe in the power of SLASHe and its superiority above any other Scaling approach. And because we need to get things going, we do not start our SLASHe certification program with introductory or foundation classes. Instead, we can make you a Certified SLASHe High Priest Executive Trainer in just a 3 hour online class!

You absolutely risk nothing, because SLASHe has it’s built-in rollback process, BACKSLASHe.

Contact us if you want to find out why SLASHe is probably not the solution for you, and what you can do if you really want to employ agile product development on a scale.

Andreas Schliep

Andreas „Andy“ Schliep

Andreas Schliep ist ein Gründungsmitglied von DasScrumTeam. Er arbeitet als Scrum Coach und Trainer. Nach seinem Besuch der Hochschule Bremerhaven arbeitete Andreas zunächst als Softwareentwickler, Projektleiter, Teamleiter und später auch Bereichsleiter. Zu Scrum kam Andreas 2003-2004 durch seine damaligen Kollegen bei WEB.DE. Nach der Scrum Implementierung dort wechselte Andreas 2006 zur SPRiNT iT und machte sich 2008 als Coach und Trainer selbständig. Heute liegen seine Schwerpunkte neben der Einführung von Scrum insbesondere bei der agilen Führung und der nachhaltigen Umgestaltung von Organisationen.

  • Erfahrung mit Scrum seit Frühjahr 2004 als Scrum Master, Product Owner, Teammitglied, Coach und Trainer.
  • Einführung von Scrum bei der WEB.DE AG und ComBOTS AG
  • Betreuung von international verteilten Scrum Teams bei BenQ-Siemens
  • Betreuung von Scrum Teams bei bwin Wien Unterstützung des Übergangs von RUP zu Scrum bei UOL Brasilien
  • Weitere Scrum-Implementierungen in D/A/CH
  • Aufbau von weiterführenden Scrum-Ausbildungsgängen mit einem firmenübergreifenden Team
  • Mitarbeit bei der Programmgestaltung und Ausbilder-Akkreditierung des Pfads zum Certified Scrum Professional
  • Hält alle Ausbilder-Zertifizierungen der Scrum Alliance
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