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Geschrieben von Malte Sussdorff am 26.07.2020

It was the 13th of March 2020. We were relaxing for an extended weekend at the baltic sea. Discussions about the Corona Virus heated up while the hotel staff openly discussed a full lockdown after the weekend. And I was scheduled to fly to Zurich for a CSPO co-training on the 17th of March.... A decision had to be made. Fast. And it was made... Run the training remote using Miro and Zoom.

Wie man Trainings virtuell durchführt

Der ultimative HowTo-Guide aus unserer Praxis

Geschrieben von Andreas Schliep am 20.03.2020

Hier sind ein paar Vorschläge für die Nutzung von Zoom und Miro zur Durchführung von virtuellen online Kursen - und anderen Online Meetings.