Advanced Certified Scrum
Product Owner®

Agile product development that inspires customers. Grow deeper into the role in the
follow-up seminar for Product Owners. Experience new tools of product strategy, customer discovery,
and for testing assumptions.

Become an Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner®.

Alec Löckmann

DasScrumTeam is living agile. Great role-image and inspiration for future work with Scrum.

Alec Löckmann
CEO 360 Watt GmbH

Implementing Agile Product
Management Even Better

Understanding Scrum is easy, using it is hard. Agile product management needs different ideas, tools, and methods to deliver products with the highest possible value. To create the most successful products in your environment, this seminar includes:

  • Diving into more advanced concepts of Lean, Agile and Scrum. This will give you the right tools for any situation
  • Expanding your skills as a product owner to work with stakeholder groups
  • Tools to develop better vision and strategy for your product
  • Methods to better understand customers and users
  • Knowledge to discover and challenge product assumptions
  • Advanced techniques for working with the product backlog

Our Promise

Choosing the right seminar and the right trainer is not easy sometimes. At DasScrumTeam we want every participant to be satisfied with their course choice. That's why we guarantee

  • A lively, interactive pace of the seminar
  • A good participant mix from different industries
  • For optimal learning through a mix of learning methods
  • Direct contact with the trainer, who is experienced in the field


Course Details


Who should attend?

This course is an advanced course for Certified Scrum Product Owners who already use Scrum and want to increase its impact in practice further. The focus is on deepening all areas of work of the Product Owner.


Course overview

In this course, you will discover new tools and models for the different areas of work as a product owner. With these methods and practices, you will work more effectively with your team, stakeholders, and organization. You will network with other practicing Product Owners and benefit from the shared experience to deliver even complex products successfully.

The course includes an exciting combination of classroom and online training. Presence for intensive exchange, online for transfer and consolidation.


Answers specifically for your working environment

Each of our trainers has used Scrum himself for over ten years. He knows the practice, the working world, and the solutions that will take you further. No matter if you are a large company or a startup.

Our seminar is suitable for all industries: Although Scrum is well known in the IT world, you will learn about it as a more universal philosophy.


Differentiate yourself in the growing Scrum marketplace

The Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner® is issued by the largest umbrella organization of Scrum users - the ScrumAlliance. So, you can be sure that your educational investment will last in the long term. With the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner® certificate, you make your lasting commitment visible. Your advantage: You differentiate yourself more strongly in the growing market of the Scrum world.

Public Course Dates

2 Trainings Live-Online.

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Andy & Pit

About DasScrumTeam

We help companies become agile. Our roots come from one of the first multi-team Scrum environments in Germany in 2004. As a Certified Scrum Trainer from the very beginning, we have been shaping Scrum since the early days of the Scrum Alliance.

After thousands of training participants and over hundred coaching clients we as a distributed company know pretty well what the working world needs now. Creative and successful products don't happen accidentally. They follow a systematic approach called Scrum. We are the specialists for it.

Questions about the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner®

This is an advanced course for Certified Scrum Product Owners® who have already been in this role for one year and would like to further increase their impact. The focus is on deepening all areas of the Product Owner's work.

First of all, passion, willingness to learn and a positive attitude. But there are also actual prerequisites for the certification. While any inclined Product Owner can take the course, the Scrum Alliance certification is only available if you have the following prerequisites:

  1. an existing valid Certified Scrum Product Owner®. Unfortunately, certifications from other providers are not recognized by the Scrum Alliance. We will be happy to advise you on how to join or switch.
  2. one year of practice in the role of Product Owner. We are also happy to advise you personally on this. You can attend the course before the end of the year. In this case, you will receive the certification later after the course.
  3. self-directed content preparation in our learning management system.
  4. attendance of the corresponding course as on-site or live online. 

  5. The participation in at least one focus topic webinar and one application practice webinar.

While it is sufficient for the CSPO to be able to reproduce certain concepts, in the A-CSPO more application competencies are taught and tested.

In the following, we show a few examples of the content of the A-CSPO competency grid.

Deepening the core competencies of a product owner

Understand different manifestations of the Product Owner role.
  • Product Owner as product manager
  • Product Owner as liaison to the customer
  • Product Owner as team member 
Optimize handling of stakeholders
  • Stakeholder management - stakeholder matrix, assessing stakeholders
  • Listening and facilitation techniques - active listening, basics of facilitation
Working effectively with the development team
  • Development practices reducing technical debt - Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration.
Working as a product owner with multiple teams
  • When not to scale - problems in "frameworks" like SAFe.
  • Visualizing and breaking down dependencies - Kanban Flight levels.
  • Feature teams as strong development units

Advanced goals and strategies

Develop practical product strategies
  • Case studies - Big Bang, Incremental Releases
  • Advanced vision formats - press release, landing pager
Advanced planning and forecasting techniques.
  • Visualization of long-term goals - Parking Lot
  • Stakeholder reporting - release burndown, management dashboard

Empathize with customers and users

  • Using customer research and product discovery - Design Thinking
  • Product Discovery Techniques - Customer Jobs to be Done

Validating Assumptions about the Product for Advanced Learners.

  • Creating and evaluating hypotheses and experiments
  • Using Sprint Reviews correctly - Review Basar

Advanced techniques for working with the Product Backlog.

  • Distinguish and meaningfully reconcile outcomes and deliverables.
  • Define, create and measure value / Cost of Delay
  • Putting Product Backlog items in a meaningful order / Linking to product strategy - Theme Scoring, Relative Weighting
  • Advanced Product Backlog Refinement / Workshop Formats, User Story Mapping

The course starts right after registration. In our learning management system, you will receive assignments to prepare for, which you can complete by the start of the course. These assignments bring you closer to the subject and course content and provide you with valuable insights right away.

Our Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses and beyond are delivered in groups of 6-16 people. The three-day course is complemented by a series of webinars.

  • The post-course webinars cover focus topics or deepen application practice.
  • The time commitment for the webinars is approximately 90 minutes per date, plus any homework.

We offer new dates on an ongoing basis, so you can be flexible in your pace to certification. Due to the richness of the topics, we expect attendance at two post-course webinars in addition to attending the training.

We have two types of webinars. You can attend as many webinars as you want within a year of the course.

  1. Webinar Focus Topics: Stakeholder management? Improvements to the application of user stories? Scaling product development? These are all possible focus topics that these webinars revolve around. An ideal opportunity to fill gaps in learning objectives or address specific questions.

  2. Application Practice Webinar: On these dates, we reflect on individual progress, discuss participant questions and issues, and overall address perfecting and perspective on working as a Product Owner.

Do you have questions before your booking?

We are here for you. Please mail us at or call our Swiss number  +41 43 508 09 87 or German number +49 471 9584 63 24.

This is how participants rate the Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses from DasScrumTeam

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Vor allem die spielerischen Übungen haben mir sehr gut geholfen, die Theorie zu erleben.

Super Balance zwischen Diskussionen im Kurs, Lehrinhalten und praktischen Übungen im Team.

Wer eine seriöse Frontalschulung möchte, ist hier garantiert fehl am Platz. Hier geht es agil, bunt und interaktiv zu. Lerninhalte werden anschaulich und einprägsam vermittelt. Praktische Gruppenarbeiten und Theorie werden gut gemischt und verständlich erklärt.

Peter Beck versteht es ausgezeichnet, die Scrum - Charakteristik und Grundidee den Teilnehmern anschaulich und verständlich zu vermitteln.

Bestens zu empfehlen

Sehr praxisnah, authentisch und sympathisch. Der Kurs hat mir viel Freude bereitet und mich in der täglichen Anwendungen von Scrum deutlich weiter gebracht. Danke.

Eine absolute Empfehlung für jeden der Scrum in seinem Unternehmen etablieren möchte!

Besonders gefallen hat mir der interaktive, spielerische Aufbau des Kurses. Viel Wissen konnte so auf angenehme Art vermittelt werden.

"Als Einsteiger ins Thema 'Scrum' hat mir dieser Kurs eine sehr wertvolle Basis für meine berufliche Arbeit gebracht. Der Kurs war praxisbezogen aufgebaut und ich freue mich, das Gelernte in der 'harten Realität' anzuwenden."

Durch die offene Art und professionelle Abwicklung war der Kurs ein voller Erfolg. Ich habe in diesen drei Tagen enorm viel profitiert und kann „DasScrumTeam“ wärmstens weiterempfehlen!

Mir hat der Kurs sehr gut gefallen und ich habe viel dabei gelernt.

Ich habe wenig Erfahrung mit Scrum, fand den Kurs sehr kurzweilig und interessant. Ich habe einen guten ersten Überblick erhalten; auf die Eigenheiten der Rolle "Product Owner" wurde ausreichend eingegangen.

Ein Kurs "Aus der Praxis - für die Praxis".

Mir ist vieles zum Vorgehen und vor allem zu meiner Rolle sehr viel klarer geworden.