LeSS by Wärtsilä. From many ineffective functions to a powerful product.

Webinar 30.09.22, 15 - 16h

Submitted by Andreas Schliep on 09/24/2022

Do you have several stakeholders that belong to different departments, with different priorities? Have you been working as a component specialist? Are you just led by your product owner, without any real customer contact? Are you working with multiple teams on a single product, but on a different backlog per team?

This webinar is the right opportunity for you. Aki and Roy talk about their journey. Watch out! The adoption has been intensive, and even painful in some places.


One Product Backlog - One Product - Multiple Teams

Wärtsilä is a digital R&D organisation with about 130 employees. The people used to work in 11 separate teams, each with their own product owner and backlog. Some of the teams were combined in tribes with a chief product owner. They decided in December 2021 to break the silos and adopt a single product, single backlog and single product owner policy.

Today, they are a single, ambitious product group with nine function teams and three support teams, working with the LeSS framework.

Aki and Roy are going to tell us examples from their practice that forced them to rethink and change. They will openly talk about their failures, and what they have tried and learned with the support of LeSS.

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Akihito Enomoto


Akihito (Aki) Enomoto

Aki has been involved in Agile development since 2008 and started multiple Agile communities in Japan. He joined Odd-e in 2012 to start supporting clients to adopt Scrum and LeSS to the teams and the organization. He is passionate about spreading the idea of better ways of creating products while people involved are enjoying working.

Roy Klein

Roy Klein 

In my nearly 20 years of Software Development career, in early stage startups, unicorns and corporate environments,  I've spent a fair share of my life in offices that suck the motivation out of you. It is my passion to help people find joy and meaning in their working life, and it is my belief and experience that when those are found at work, product success is not far behind.  

I write on Medium under the Serious Scrum publication on the fundamentals of the Scrum Master role.


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