Scrum Beyond Software: How an engineering team at Soplar industrial plants develops with Scrum

Submitted by Peter Beck on 09/18/2013

In 2012 I had the pleasure to have Alexander Müller and Martin Hammerle of the Soplar company in my Scrum course and was able to advise the team and the management. Since then I have repeatedly followed the „hardscrum“ blog posts by Alexander Müller, who writes about the insights gained by the team. The unusual thing is: The team develops hardware with Scrum. Something that doesn't surprise an experienced Scrummer, but is still a rarity.

At last I found it remarkable to read on the blog how the team comes to a potentially shippable product increment (click here for the post). The complicated word snake "potentially shippable product increment " itself is a sign that the Scrum community is still struggling to explain what exactly they mean by this. Therefore Alexander's team ask themselves: What do we need to provide so that we and our stakeholders can form an opinion about the level of maturity of our product. In this way with every delivery they not only gain experience but also increase the quality of decisions on the further development made by the customer or the Product Owner. They demonstrate it by the replacment of the term " shippable " with " reviewable ". Their approach is very similar to the generic approach, which I presented at the last meeting of the Scrum Group Karlsruhe: A backlog filled with decisions. I 'm curious what there will be to read next - Thank you and keep it up!

Peter Beck

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Peter Beck

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