Startup Weekend Bremerhaven

No show, all action!

Submitted by Andreas Schliep on 10/21/2015
Startup Weekend Bremerhaven 2015

We did it! The great crew of our Startup Weekend, the participants, the sponsors and a whole bunch of volunteers have spent a creative, inspiring weekend turning ideas into ventures. I had the pleasure and the privilege to look upon this event from different perspectives.

As a helper, I was quite busy during the weekend, while the major part of the work was performed by the team. Everybody took care about whatever came next, helped out, organized, improvised to present the best possible Startup Weekend to the attendees. And it worked! My special thanks go to the crew, that made this experience possible. Thanks for letting me join you!

As a coach, I could work intensely with different teams, to sharpen ideas, find new approaches, discard them again, add my 2 cent or be a morale support. I enjoyed the energie, and felt a whole lot of enthusiasm and commitment. Well, not everbody could be a winner. But everybody won something, even and especially the teams that did not make it to the final pitches or even brought a price back home. The learning experience in this short time is amazing.

As a sponsor, I did not take concrete ventures or new business back home. But I had the feeling that my time and money had been invested well. It is not only about the publicity value for an education provider in the agile sector. The real benefit was that I could help young people on their first steps towards independence and a self-directed productive life. I think, I'd got my ROI here.

My special treat was that the winning team had a ScrumMaster.

The Startup Weekend Bremerhaven will be back. Until then, we have to keep the startup spirit up by energizing the local scene, keep in contact with the teams, and hopefully have a nice coffee soon at the Columbus Café, while we're preparing the next event.

Last not least I want to point out the effort of Ümit Konuray. The facilitator is not everything, but everything is nothing without the facilitator!

Andreas Schliep

About the author

Andreas Schliep

Andreas Schliep is a founding member and executive partner of DasScrumTeam. He is a Scrum coach and trainer. He studied at the technical university of Bremerhaven, and worked as a software developer, project manager, team lead and group lead. Andreas has worked with Scrum since 2003. He became a full-time Scrummer in 2006.

Since then, he has helped to introduce and improve Scrum and agile practices in numerous companies all over the world. His favorite topics are quality management and scaling.

  • Experienced ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Coach and Trainer
  • Introduced Scrum at WEB.DE
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