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The training course is the right choice for you if you are about to introduce product development with
or have already gained experience with its use. This seminar is optimal for all employees as an introduction to agile development practices in a team.

Learn From The Best

Each of our trainers has used Scrum himself for over 12 years. He knows the practice, the working world and the solutions that will take you further. Regardless of whether it's a large company or a start-up. Our seminar is suitable for all industries: Although Scrum is very well known in the IT world, you will get to know it as a more universal philosophy. 

We currently offer the Certified Scrum Developer® training as an in-house workshop. If there are enough of you interested, we will be happy to organize a public date as well.

Experience Scrum in the Team

In the course, you will experience the path from product idea to delivery. Through practice simulations, you will experience the work in a Scrum team first hand. This way, you discover important insights directly in the course room. This makes it easier to use Scrum in practice and to get involved as a Developer in a Scrum Team

In the course, we provide the knowledge required for the Certification of the Scrum Alliance®:

  • Principles and Values of Scrum and Agile
  • The Scrum framework: Scrum Team, Events and Artifacts
  • Working in the Scrum Team
  • Understanding Agile Architectures
  • Use test-driven development (TDD) and refactoring
  • Pursue continuous integration on a product
Fabian Pichler

TheScrumTeam works agile itself! Great role model and inspiration for future work with Scrum! In the courses I could benefit from their versatile experience.

Fabian Pichler
Managing Director Synventis GmbH (software development for SMEs)

Success Guaranteed!

Our entire training, coaching and consulting business is organized according to Scrum. In an interdisciplinary team at distributed locations, we train daily what you want to learn: The use of Scrum in practice. That's why we know the small and big problems, the smart solutions and the advantage of lived agile values as part of the Scrum Alliance.

With over 1.2 million certified Scrum users since 2001, the Scrum Alliance is the largest umbrella organization for Scrum education worldwide. In their multi-level education system, you can expand your career systematically and individually from Scrum Beginner to Scrum Professional. Certificate and membership in the Scrum Alliance will thus also be valuable for you in the long term.

Scrum Alliance ensures excellence through a rigorous quality assurance process: One becomes a Scrum Alliance trainer only after submitting and reviewing all training materials, trainer guides, and practice materials. A valid Certified Scrum Professional certificate is only awarded after reviewing course participant evaluations and a live demo training in front of an unbiased examining board. Anyone who passes these exams “knows Scrum”. Therefore, you can be sure that our Certified Scrum Trainers will provide you with exactly what you need to get ahead.

TheScrumTeam has been a member of the Scrum Alliance since 2004. We have actively promoted its development in the D-A-CH region. All our trainers have used Scrum for at least 10 years in their own projects. Many years of practical experience and the ear always close to the Scrum development center. Why should you settle for less?

We are certified at the highest Scrum Alliance levels: As Certified Scrum Trainers and Certified Enterprise Coaches, we have earned the highest membership status within the Scrum Alliance. Because we are shaping the development of Scrum ourselves, we can bring you the latest aspects first.

Over 50% of our course participants have no IT background. It's true: Scrum is widely used in the IT industry. But with us, you will get to know Scrum as a fundamental management framework. Just as we use it internally: For knowledge work. We take this into account in our seminars, so that even without an IT background you will learn how Scrum fits into your context.

We are only happy if you recommend us after our training. This starts with welcome coffee, lunch and snacks, so that you can fully concentrate on learning. Above all, we attach great importance to selected training locations and certified trainers, who offer you useful theory and, above all, applicable practice in the seminar. Experience to take home. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied after the course, you will get 30 days money back if you have not yet received your Scrum Alliance certificate. It doesn't get any more risk-free than that.

CSD Badge

Show Your Expertise

The Certified Scrum Developer® is highly respected worldwide. It is issued by the largest umbrella organization of Scrum users - the Scrum Alliance. The Scrum Alliance has certified over 1 million people to date. With the Certified Scrum Developer® certificate, you make your Scrum expertise visible. Your advantage: You become a valued contact for Scrum and agile development practices in your company.

Our Promise

Choosing the right seminar and the right trainer isn't easy sometimes. At DasScrumTeam, we want every participant to be satisfied with their choice of course. That is why we ensure

  • a detailed preparation on technique and framework conditions before the course
  • a lively, interactive pace of the seminar
  • a good mix of participants from different sectors
  • optimal learning through a mix of learning methods
  • direct contact with the trainer with practical experience
  • for a perfection in practice in our DST Dojo - free of charge

Learn Beyond The Course

The exclusive Scrum Training Centre of the best Scrum Professionals.

Benefit from interactive exchange opportunities, webinars and individual coaching.

All inclusive and only with us - TheScrumTeam Dojo. Discover what's behind it.

Learn at the Location of Your Choice


  • Start immediately with the first learning videos
  • Live online learning with a Certified Scrum Trainer®
  • Participate remotely with Slack, Zoom, and Miro from anywhere
  • Receive a personalized Scrum training package delivered conveniently to your home
  • Inclusive individual practice consulting in the DasScrumTeam Community
  • Plus participation in exciting webinars on advanced topics


  • Start immediately with the first learning videos
  • Presence training with a Certified Scrum Trainer®
  • Best learning environment at one of our Top location in Germany and Switzerland
  • High-quality course material for an interactive experience
  • Inclusive individual practice consulting in the DasScrumTeam Community
  • Plus participation in exciting webinars on advanced topics
Andy & Pit

About DasScrumTeam

We help companies become agile. Our roots come from one of the first multi-team Scrum environments in Germany in 2004. As a Certified Scrum Trainer from the very beginning, we have been shaping Scrum since the early days of the Scrum Alliance.

After thousands of training participants and over hundred coaching clients we as a distributed company know pretty well what the working world needs now. Creative and successful products don't happen accidentally. They follow a systematic approach called Scrum. We are the specialists for it.

No, our seminars are suitable for all industries. Although Scrum is very well known in the IT world, with us you will learn about it as a universal management philosophy. No matter if education, finance, human resources, consulting or agency, every participant will benefit from our courses.

Certified ScrumMaster / ****Certified Scrum Product Owner:

No. You can participate as a beginner or advanced Scrum user. Our seminars thrive on a mix of different depths of experience. In addition, we will send you individual material as well as access to our Scrum Jumpstart Online Training for preparation before the training.

We offer a lower early bird rate for our face-to-face courses.

This discount cannot be combined with other benefits or discounts.

If there is a greater demand in your company, just contact us! We will be happy to help you and create your individual offer for a framework agreement.

Regionales Arbeitsvermittlungszentrum - RAV

  • Die Kurskosten können direkt vom RAV übernommen werden. Wir bitten um Einreichung der entsprechenden Abrechnungsformulare vor Kursbeginn. 

Bundesagentur für Arbeit

  • Bildungsgutscheine der Agentur für Arbeit können wir leider nicht verrechnen. 

Förderungen von Bundesländern


  • Studierende erhalten einen Spezialpreis und können unsere Kurse für 600 EUR/ 600 CHF besuchen. Jedoch lassen wir nur einen Studierenden pro Kurs zu.

With your course booking you get **exclusive and direct access **to our webinar offering.

For more details, see our blog post TheScrumTeam Webinars.

With your course booking you will receive exclusive access to our TheScrumTeam Community. We use Slack for this and invite every participant to exchange ideas with other Scrum enthusiasts and share their knowledge. Our DasScrumTeam Community lives through great contributions from our trainers and participants. At any time, a DST trainer, coach or staff member is available for personal consultation. So stay in touch with your course group and with us.

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM):

Sie nehmen an einem unserer CSM Kurse teil und absolvieren anschliessend einen Onlinetest bei der ScrumAlliance. Die Zugangsdaten erhalten Sie nach Ihrem Kurs automatisch per E-Mail. Die Sprache des Tests können Sie vorab wählen.

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO):

Sie erhalten das Zertifikat von der Scrum Alliance nach der bestätigten Teilnahme am Kurs. Es ist zur Zeit keine Prüfung für dieses Zertifikat notwendig.

Weitere Details finden Sie auf unserer Seite zur Scrum Alliance Zertifizierung.

Pfad zum Certified Scrum Professional:

Die Zertifizierung erhalten Sie nach der Erfüllung der Eingangs-Voraussetzungen und der Teilnahme an unserem Präsenztraining im virtuellen Kursraum.

Weitere Details finden Sie auf unserer Seite zur Scrum Alliance Zertifizierung.

With your certificate you receive a membership of two years with the Scrum Alliance. To extend the membership you need so-called Scrum Education Units (SEUs). How to get them, is explained in our blog post.

Of course, we would be happy to recommend hotels to you. However, we do not have any partnership agreements with hotels and are therefore unable to set aside quotas of rooms. It is, however, very practical to stay in the hotel where the training is provided or to book a room at a hotel nearby.

Yes, unfortunately this happens, but very rarely. We always try to realize the courses you have booked. However, we also have the quality claim that you can benefit from an interdisciplinary and diverse group of participants and get acquainted with significantly more aspects of the agile world. Therefore, we only allow courses to take place that guarantee you this diversity.

Do you have questions?

We are here for you. Please mail us at mail@dasscrumteam.com or call our Swiss number  +41 43 508 09 87 or German number +49 471 9584 63 24.