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Why Choose us? Here’s 7 Good Reasons.

1) We practice what we preach.

All of our operations – from training and coaching to consultancy – are organised according to Scrum principles.. In our interdisciplinary team, we experience every day what you hope to learn: the use of Scrum in practice. This includes facing all the usual problems, developing intelligent solutions and living agile values in practice.

2) Guaranteed training quality.

Anyone hoping to become a ScrumAlliance trainer firstly has to complete a rigorous quality assurance process. This involves having all training materials, training manuals and exercise materials inspected by the ScrumAlliance, obtaining Certified Scrum Professional certification, submitting participant evaluations, and giving a live demo training session to an impartial examination board. You can therefore rest assured that our Certified Scrum Trainers will give you the tools and knowledge you need to progress.

3) We were doing Scrum before all the hype.

All our trainers have personally applied Scrum methods for at least 10 years. Long before everyone and his dog wanted to become agile, we were learning about the common problems, pitfalls and solutions for your context. You can be sure we’ll help you find answers and solutions you can apply in your work environment.

4) An enduring investment in your future.

Bringing together more than 700,000 certified Scrum practitioners around the globe, the Scrum Alliance is the world’s largest umbrella organisation for Scrum training. Thanks to our multi-stage training system, you can systematically develop your career. The Scrum Alliance has been around for 17 years, which means you can be certain your Scrum Alliance membership will retain its value over time.

5) Learn from experts in the field.

We hold the highest possible certification from the world’s largest umbrella organisation of Scrum practitioners. The Scrum Alliance was founded in 2001 by two of the originators of Scrum – Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber. As Certified Scrum Trainers and Certified Enterprise Coaches, we hold the highest level of membership within the Scrum Alliance. This allows us to make sure we stay up to date with all key changes in Scrum, getting information direct from the source and helping to shape the future of Scrum.

6) Also designed for those not in IT.

More than 25% of those who participate in our courses have no background in IT. Of course, the use of Scrum is widespread in the IT industry. However, we teach Scrum as a fundamental management framework. We use Scrum internally as a tool for knowledge workers. We also take this into account in our seminars, so that you can learn how Scrum fits your context – without needing a background in IT.

7) Total satisfaction guarantee.

Our aim is to impress you so much that you will recommend us to others in future. During the course, we provide coffee on arrival, lunch and snacks. We offer useful theoretical and practical content throughout the seminar. What’s more, if you are dissatisfied with the course for any reason, you can get your money back within 30 days provided that you have not obtained your Scrum Alliance certification. It doesn’t get more risk-free than that.

Try us out for yourself – register for one of over 70 certified Scrum courses we offer.

Do you have questions before your booking?

We are here for you. Please mail us at mail@dasscrumteam.com or call our Swiss number  +41 43 508 09 87 or German number +49 471 9584 63 24.