Scrum Delegation Game

Level-up the collaboration between team and stakeholders

Scrum Delegation Game Karten

Interactive Simulation, to better understand responsibilities.

Optimally suited for retrospectives.

Available as an online or in-person game.


Delegate better, lead better

What is Delegation?

Delegating is a term from classical leadership. At its core, leadership is always about leading others to make decisions. In contrast to the classical understanding of leadership, in a Scrum Team and Larger Scaled Scrum environment, everyone leads. Especially the developers.

Why does it need the game?

Peter Beck developed the Scrum Delegation Game so that Scrum teams can playfully clarify with their stakeholders how they delegate decisions. Andreas Schliep would say: the way team members pass the balls to each other. The game was inspired by Delegation Poker / Management 3.0.

What is Scrum Delegation Poker?

Scrum Delegation Game, or sometime also called Delegation Poker, is an interactive card game designed specifically for teams working in a Scrum organization. The game enables teams to make better day-to-day decisions and helps to improve decision-making with their stakeholders.

How to use it?

The card-set and the online-template contains a detailed description. As a team and its product evolves, the way of delegating is constantly changing. Therefore, we recommend repeating the game regularly, about every 3 to 6 sprints.