Help, My Organisation is Doing SAFe!

Survival Guide for Agile Coaches

Submitted by Andreas Schliep on 11/20/2016

You have given everything. You have shown in countless meetings, conversations and intranet articles why it makes sense for an organisation to become agile, what being agile means, why defined process protocols don't make sense in a complex context. You have assisted agile teams to formulate a challenging Definition of Done, and helped alleged Product Owners, to contribute as requirements specialists on a team. You insisted that the management take Lean thinking to their heart, you have put a lot of effort into our change, transition or transformation team. Finally everybody agreed that organisations need to become agile nowadays. There even was a big talk by your management with images of oil tankers and speed boats.

And now that: External consultants convinced your management that SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework - is exactly the right solution for your company.