Remote Scrum

5 Online Games for the Distributed Scrum Team

Submitted by Peter Beck on 04/20/2021

What game can I spontaneously play online with my teammates? Today, a small list was created during our daily DSTCoffee together with our Path to CSP community:

How to run a remote course

The ultimate howto guide derived from our experience

Submitted by Andreas Schliep on 03/20/2020

Here are some suggestions for using Zoom and Miro for remote courses – or other collaborative online meetings.

Retrospective for distributed teams, here's how

Submitted by Yuliya Mijuk on 12/16/2013

A good friend of mine asked me recently how we would do a retrospective in a geographically dispersed team that has no chance to come together? He asked if we could recommend any tools for a virtual realisation?