In dieser Blog-Serie finden Sie alle Informationen zum Agile Coach und wie man sich zu einem Agile Coach entwickeln kann.

 Ein Agile Coach (oder auf Deutsch auch „agiler Coach“) ist eine Person mit einer agilen Führungsrolle. Der Agile Coach hilft Unternehmen dabei agil also anpassungsfähig und selbstlernend zu werden und begleitet somit eine Unternehmenstransformation. 


Become Certified Scrum Professional ScrumMaster with DasScrumTeam

Just passed the driving test? Become a race driver!

Submitted by Andreas Schliep on 03/15/2018

You think our way is interesting? You want to convince your boss - or yourself - why it is worthwhile, to take the path to Certified Scrum Professional with DasScrumTeam? Here are some thoughts and statements, that can help you making your decision.

How do I become a Scrum Coach?

Consult and develop teams and organizations

Submitted by Andreas Schliep on 06/21/2013

“I want to become an Agile Coach.” “How do I become Scrum Coach?” “What do I need to learn, to take better care of my team, my organization?”

Several people talked about this topic at the recent Scrum Gathering in Las Vegas. We addressed the question during the Scrum Clinic sessions, between talks and even at dinner. How do I become an Agile - Scrum - Coach? The question occured to us as unusual in the first place. Everybody, who works as an internal or external Scrum - Agile - Coach today, started as a career changer from a different profession. While there are several sound coaching trainings available, it is still quite unclear what one needs to accomplish, to become a specialized consultant for the introduction and improvement of agile principles, processes and practices.