Realistic Idealists

We have believed in a new world of work for more than 15 years. We knew long before the hype reached Europe: The traditional way of cooperation between people undermines potential and results.

The challenge we have been addressing for over a decade: "How can we combine value creation and appreciation of people?"

Our approach to this is called "Agile". The most frequently used framework is Scrum. The complementary method Kanban

We offer no comfortable statements but helpful criticism. Criticism that opens a door to new options. Options that are viable and humane.

Welcome to DasScrumTeam.

DasScrumTeam Board
Alexander Werling

I had the chance to get to know several people in the team. Every training session, every meeting and every vote was an enrichment for me and helped me a lot on my personal Scrum journey. They helped me to find new ways to improve my work and that of my teams and to question the "status quo".

Alexander Werling
Head of Product at Nesto Software GmbH

Scrum since 2004

The members of our team are among the German Scrum pioneers. We each have over a decade of experience in implementing Scrum, agile principles and techniques, and change management.

We are Certified Scrum Trainers™ and Certified Enterprise Coaches™ with the Scrum Alliance. For this purpose, we have faced the very strict quality standards that exist worldwide for Scrum.

Over 10.000 satisfied training participants and 170 companies trust in our certified Scrum expertise.


10 Years Dasscrumteam - 10 Years Distributed Team

A look behind the scenes at the beginning of the pandemic.

Look Behind the Scenes and Learn About Scrum

As DasScrumTeam we work internally according to "Non-IT-Scrum". Get an exclusive weekly look at how we do it and learn Scrum at the same time. For this we developed our email coaching wich consists of 14 parts. It will make the core concepts understandable.

We Create the Agile Experts of Tomorrow

Andreas "Andy" Schliep

Andreas Schliep is a founding member and the ScrumMaster of DasScrumTeam. In addition to the introduction and expansion of Scrum, his focus is particularly on quality management and the sustainable improvement of development teams.

Peter "Pit" Beck

Peter's mission is to create companies that deliver value to their customers and their employees. This was his motivation for founding DasScrumTeam and is his motivation to lead the company in the role of the Product Owner. Peter is passionate about Certified Scrum Trainer® and consulting with a solid background in engineering.

Malte Sussdorff

Malte's experience ranges from business consulting on business processes for SMEs, website development and deployment for agencies, NGOs and SMEs to project management of IT projects. With his broad experience, our clients value him as a sparring partner to solve their most urgent business challenges. His favorite solution path to this is agility.

Rudolf "Ruedi" Gysi

In search of ever better quality, Ruedi discovered agile methods in IT many years ago. Since 2010, he has been helping teams learn Scrum and Kanban. As co-founder of the agile movement in the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), he has helped build the trainings, the Agile Community and the Agile Transformation since 2011.

Björn Jensen

As a Certified Scrum Trainer & Certified Team Coach, Björn helps teams and organizations to establish the method in their context in which all involved stakeholders find themselves. For team members who have experience in the context of agile and want to develop further, he is available as aPath to CSP Educator as a mentor. Björn is also a member of the Trainer Approval Community (TAC) of the Scrum Alliance.

Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann

Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann has experience with Agile methods and Scrum since 2003. After the first major Scrum implementation in Germany at WEB.DE AG, he has worked in roles as coach, trainer, product owner, Scrum master and team member in various industries and company sizes. Experience from industries such as automotive, energy, finance, IT & Internet flows into every training.

Kai H. Simons

Our work environment is undergoing a transformation. Many people are tired of working under high pressure without seeing the meaning behind it. We long for autonomy, mastery and a sense of purpose. With passion, humor and years of experience, Kai teaches the essential skills to transform the world of work.

Heiko Stapf

Heiko Stapf is a Certified Scrum Trainer®. He is particularly interested in the development of innovative products and services and the role of the Product Owner in Scrum. He is the managing director of the UX agency Cyber Manufaktur GmbH and the agile consultancy Emendare GmbH & Co. KG. For him, agile methods are the key to a successful product development.

Björn Radon

Björn is an agile coach and trainer (CST). He has more than fifteen years of experience in software development, which makes him familiar with many typical challenges in the realization of IT projects. As a consultant, he drives development processes and shares his extensive knowledge and experience around Scrum with colleagues and customers.

Jasmine Simons

Jasmine is passionate about the human side of product development as an agile coach. Through her master's degree in organizational psychology, she uniquely understands how to deal with the human needs that arise when the agile paradigm collides with traditional organizational structures.

Franziska Stebler

Franziska's roots are in software development with Scrum. From May 2015 - 2018 she was part of the Agile Coaching Team at SBB, which supported SBB to develop valuable products for SBB's customers with performant teams. Since 2018 she is self-employed as an Agile Coach in various industries. Her topics are agile product development, work system optimization and agile working on the go.

Fabian Schiller

Fabian has gained experience with agile approaches in a wide variety of industries since 2000. Whether as a developer in an XP team, Scrum Master in scaled projects in retail or Agile coach and trainer with clients ranging from small mid-sized companies to large corporations. He is a speaker at national and international conferences, author and co-inventor and organizer of Coach Reflection Day.

Dr. Michael Hofmann

Michael is an industrial and organizational psychologist with twelve years of experience in agilizing development teams. As one of the founders of oose Innovative Informatik he extended Scrum and agility to the entire company and regularly appears as a speaker at conferences with presentations.

Draw on his wealth of experience with your questions when you attend one of his seminars.

Renzo Venini

Renzo is an Agile coach and accredited Kanban trainer. He is dedicated to improve teams and work processes through Scrum or Kanban in a systematic, sustainable and measurable way. Since 2013, he organized and performed many trainings and trained over a thousand interested people in agile practices. In addition, he successfully helped to build and support dozens of Kanban systems.

Christian Zander

Christian has been accompanying people, teams and companies since 2009 in order to develop their potential more effectively and to use the changes in the market and environment as an opportunity for personal and/or corporate growth. In doing so, he focuses on agile values for sustainable improvement instead of short-term optimization.


Together We Deliver Quality for You

We have been a member of the world's largest umbrella organization of Scrum users since 2004.

Since 2010, we have been supporting the umbrella organization of users working with agile values, principles and practices.

Emendare is our long-standing partner with whom we conduct our seminars together.

For over 5 years we have been a corporate member of the largest ICT association in Switzerland called swiss ICT.