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Certified ScrumMaster
22.11.2016 | Munich, Germany
Certified ScrumMaster
22.11.2016 | Karlsruhe, Germany
Certified ScrumMaster
29.11.2016 | Hamburg, Germany
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Thomas Kloetzli

Scrum is a mindset, allowing empowerment of individuals, this expediting decision coherence.

Jürgen Lind

Scrum? Start & try! Adapt! Try further!

Certified ScrumMaster

Do you want to qualify yourself, your coworkers and employees in Scrum? Do you want to introduce new impulses - by trainers with real-life Scrum experience - into your organisation? Do you want to start with Scrum or improve your actual Scrum implementation? Do your coworkers and employees shall be able to receive a Scrum Alliance certification for their knowledge? Do you want to ensure optimal learning? Do you want to „do better Scrum“? Our Certified ScrumMaster course is the right choice for you!

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Success: We want to help you, your team, and your organisation to succeed. This is our highest condition of satisfaction and the main quality factor of our course design.

Objectives: We determine the objectives of the training with our clients in a preparation meeting. We ensure that the courses are embedded into your Scrum introduction and implementation strategy.

Preparation: The participants receive a couple of tasks and a questionnaire before the course. This allows us to use the time in the course more efficiently. We are also your partner in organisational questions around your training.

Trainers are Certified Scrum Trainers with a profound practical background. We belong to the small group of Scrum pioneers in Germany, starting with Scrum back in 2004. Our own Scrum stories are full of successes and failures. We share the experience with you.

2000+ Certified ScrumMasters and Certified Product Owners have been successfully trained by us so far.

3 days instead of 2 days: Scrum is easy to learn but hard to do. We know the challenge. Our 3 day courses ensure: the participants are ready to apply Scrum.

Scrum: We adjust the course content and exercises to the needs of the participants during the training. We do not merely preach Scrum, we practice it!

Interactive: A core principle of Scrum is „learning by doing“. This principle is implemented in our courses by interactive simulations and modern learning methods.

Together: Scrum means being „tightly together“. We produce the best results, if all stakeholders and team members work tightly together in the training. Developers, Product Owners, ScrumMasters, managers, customers, users… they all lean together. The Scrum Team and the organisation are immediately ready to start with their first Sprint; or apply the discovered improvement opportunities to their existing Scrum environment.

Certification: The participants qualify for the Certified ScrumMaster certification by Scrum Alliance. Please consult our article about Scrum certifications.

PDUs: If you are collecting Personal Development Units (PDUs) for maintaining your Project Management Institute credentials (e.g. for the PMI-ACP cetification), the course hours can be counted towards your PDU requirements.

Retrospective: Actually, we are learning and improving ourselves with each training. We evaluate the course after the event and determine useful approaches for follow-up events and organisational improvements.

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