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Scrum is a light-weight framework for developing successful complex products, systems and services. We have used Scrum in many projects and organisations. Get ready for the start with Scrum, and read the most important facts here.

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ScALeD - Principles Over Frameworks And Processes

Created on 06.02.2014 by Peter Beck

"Values and principles scale, but practices are context sensitive." - A statement by Ken Schwaber, one of the founders of Scrum. One also could say: Every organization is unique because its products and services are also unique. This also means that each organization has its own practices (= processes) to deliver these products and services. What can be compared between organizations are certain basic patterns that we like to call principles. Agile is defined by a collection of such principles, which have been immortalized here: Agile Manifesto. This remarkable manifesto was created in the context of software development, first of all to organize not too large working groups in a, for that time, revolutionary way and thus make them more powerful. The authors were so brilliant and didn't go into practices, because they knew that many roads lead to Rome, and it is an idea of Agile approach, not to set the way from the outset.

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Agility, Scaling And Employee Satisfaction

Created on 28.01.2014 by Andreas

Since the last Global Scrum Gathering I have worked with a number of Scrum trainers and experts on principles for scaling agility. We are now so far that we would like to share the results. In this blog entry I'm going to look at our thoughts on employee satisfaction in more detail.

In product development staff offers the greatest potential for improvements. Satisfied employees lead to higher productivity. Therefore, it is important to create a working environment that ensures a high level of employee satisfaction.

What does employee satisfaction have to do with scaling agile approaches? The employees should naturally feel comfortable, their lives and work should be balanced, frustrating and wearying overtime should be avoided - all that is well known and firmly anchored in the companies.

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