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In dieser Blog-Serie geben wir Managern Impulse und Anregungen zu Werten und Grundlagen der agilen Führung in digitalen Zeiten.

Was ist agile Führung? Ist agile Leadership was für Sie und Ihr Unternehmen? Was bedeutet es agil zu führen? Wie geht das? Finden Sie es bei uns heraus. 

Scrum is Agile Leadership – Part 3

How does the team lead?

Submitted by Peter Beck on 10/24/2019

In the first two parts we looked at the story of two companies to see how the Scrum Master and Product Owner provide leadership. These roles are integrated in a leadership system that develops over time. This story continues in this instalment, which is dedicated to the team – the most important role with leadership responsibilities.

Scrum is Agile Leadership – Part 2

How does the Scrum Master lead?

Submitted by Peter Beck on 03/18/2019

Part 1 of this series used two example companies to show how Product Owners lead. The Product Owner is part of an agile leadership system (or management system) that needs to be developed for every organisation. Scrum provides a framework for this leadership system.

This part continues the story of both companies and illustrates how the Scrum Master leads.

Scrum is Agile Leadership – Part 1

How Does the Product Owner Lead?

Submitted by Peter Beck on 01/23/2019

The Scrum roles are prototypes for agile leadership and agile management. The Agile Manifesto was formulated in 2001 with contributions from the two authors of the first Scrum publication. Scrum is a framework used to optimise an organisation to become more agile. In addition to a basic understanding of the artefacts and processes required, the framework also divides leadership duties into three roles. Scrum also follows a lean approach based on the idea that less is more. The framework thus only prescribes rules that are absolutely necessary.

The benefit of this is that each organisation can develop a suitable leadership system tailored to its needs within the triangle of Scrum roles. On the downside, it does make the concept of agile leadership somewhat less accessible and means it is often interpreted in very different ways.

To help clarify matters, in this article – the first of four – I will answer the question How does the Product Owner lead? using two companies as examples.

  • A young, fast-growing company with an initial 20 employees.
  • A medium-sized company that has grown to 450 employees over the course of two decades.